When it comes to planning for your future, you can never be too careful online.

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Our security team is always working ahead of industry guidelines to make sure your personal information is kept under lock and key. We also never ask for access to your bank or brokerage accounts.*

*Data aggregation services, when available, are optional and provided by Plaid.
Visit their website for information concerning your data’s safety and more.

Personal data encryption

Your personal information is encrypted while in transit over the Internet, and while stored on our secure servers to further protect against theft. All connections to your web browser must be via https, or we will not accept the transfer of personal data. Everything you do and look at on our website is also encrypted.

24-hour monitoring

Our servers are kept behind advanced firewalls constantly watched for access attempts and with highly restricted permissions based on IP address. Hacking tests and vulnerability scans are regularly performed, and no user data can be downloaded. Our systems also have malware and virus protection software to protect you from malignant attacks.

Highly secure facility

All servers are stored in a SSAE 16-compliant, SOC 1, 2 and 3 audited facility staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On-site security measures include digital surveillance, remote door releases, geometric hand scanners, and card access restricted to only a few designated personnel.

Login protection

Customers with employer-provided retirement plans are authenticated with a single sign-on method that uses a one-time encrypted token to verify identity with the employer’s database. This avoids the need for us to store your login information.

Automatic logout

Each time you’re online with us, we go beyond the normal security standard by checking every few seconds to ensure your identity and session are still valid. If you leave without logging out, we will do this for you automatically so your account cannot be accessed via the browser history or back button. For extra security, all sessions are timed out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Credit card security

All information you enter when making a purchase is securely transmitted to a trusted payment partner who holds the most stringent level of certification available. Your card number is protected with 256-bit encryption with the key stored on a separate server. Your data is never used as clear text.