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Professional financial and investment advice is proven to yield better results than making decisions on your own. Or worse, hoping to retire on a wing and a prayer.

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GuidedChoice Advisory Service

Retirement is top of mind

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Get answers to:
  • How much to save to reach your goals
  • The impact of saving and spending decisions made now on your projected retirement income
  • How to invest all your retirement accounts — including your spouse’s
Find out:
  • How to avoid running out of money
  • How to withdraw money tax efficiently
  • When to take Social Security
  • Whether an annuity makes sense for your situation
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3Nickels App

Holistic view of your finances

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  • Get answers to many of your financial questions
  • Access dozens of free, customizable tools and calculators
  • Get advice that takes into account all your assets—as well as your debts—to find the solution that works best for you
  • Get a tailored saving and investing strategy that can help you achieve your financial dreams
  • Fully mobile

*Account aggregration services available with all retail solutions to ease the burden of data entry and facilitate updates to account balances and investments.

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  • Choose what to make available to your organization’s members from the products above
  • Special packages with 3Nickels can include 3NickelsU (education) and financial coaching
  • Make it a member benefit by paying for it or pass the cost to the member
  • Include your plan’s rules and investment lineup
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