Mapping your retirement journey

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Our job is to help you make the most of your money, and your options, at every step along the way.

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    Get a snapshot

    Try our QuickAdvice retirement planning calculator – it’s free!

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    Investing in an IRA

    Powered by GuidedSavings, it's the only IRA that manages itself.

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    Compare IRA Fees

    Check the cost of your current IRA fees against GuidedIRA.

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    Saving in your 401(k)

    If your employer-sponsored retirement plan offers GuidedSavings advice, we can help you get more mileage.

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    Already retired (or almost there)

    Learn how to make your money last, so you can live well without running out.

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    Ready to give

    At that stage where you want to give back? Check the ratings of your favorite charitable organizations.


Free calculator

QuickAdvice can give you a realistic preview of your retirement income almost instantly. It’s based on our powerful advice engine, it’s easy, and it’s free for anyone to use.

Answers right now

And if you want more detailed advice with ongoing management of your portfolio - take a look at the full version of GuidedSavings.




Tell us a little about your current retirement savings and goals, and we’ll show you what you can expect for future income.

Try QuickAdvice now – it’s free

No 401(k)? Look at a GuidedIRA


We took our proven service for retirement plans and wrapped it up in a package you can take anywhere. It’s the last account you’ll ever need, and the easiest.


Fully personalized retirement planning, powered by our advice engine, and hitched up to quality investment funds.


Your needs change as you get closer to retirement, and after you retire. We’ll mind your portfolio and tweak it to keep up, for as long as you want us to. You’re welcome.

Saving made simple (and investing, too)

GuidedSavings: this is the big Kahuna, the one that started it all.
Our flagship service makes it easy to save and invest in your employer's retirement plan with comprehensive, personalized, professional advice.

  • It’s personal

    GuidedSavings looks at all your finances to get a complete picture of your family, your assets, your plans, and of course your retirement needs.

  • What’s your style?

    Are you a knob-tweaker, or a delegator? You’re welcome to dive in to the details – but if you prefer not to, we’ll handle everything.

  • Company plans

    Millions of people get access to GuidedSavings through their 401(k) or other employer plan. Is GuidedSavings professional advice part of YOUR company's retirement benefits? Contact your HR administrator - or contact us at [email protected]


Saving is easy. Spending is hard.

It’s true. While putting money away may be tough sometimes, it’s a piece of cake compared to figuring out how to make
it last throughout a long retirement. That’s why we invented GuidedSpending.


  • Just one number

    How much can you spend each month? We break down the details to give you a single dollar amount – and show you exactly how and when to “pay yourself.”

  • Built for real life

    Nobody wants to run out of money – but you want to enjoy what you’ve saved, too. We take a sophisticated, proprietary approach to help you get the most value over time from your retirement assets.

Get Pricing

That’s how much of your assets you can spend each year according to the old rule of thumb. It works, actually, until the markets get bumpy or life throws you a curveball. But you can do better. And who doesn’t want a little more income?

Time to give back.

We all know there are only three things you can do with your money: Save it. Spend it. Give it away. If you've reached a place where you're ready to do that last one, we have a tool to help you choose charitable organizations. Check out GuidedGiving 1.0


  • GuidedGiving 1.0

    Be sure your favorite organizations meet the highest standards for financial health, accountability, transparency, and results. And discover new, top-rated charities.


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