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Your customers have questions. Now you’ve got answers.

Retirement advice used to be a secret realm ruled by professionals in dark suits. Now it’s more like the Wild West. Consumers don’t know where to turn with their financial needs. But there’s one name they already know and trust – yours.
What can partnering with GuidedChoice do for your business?

Provide deep value

Set your organization apart by offering real answers to questions that matter – from an unbiased, totally independent provider with a 15-year track record.

Build customer relationships

Retain current customers and attract new ones, for the long term. Retirement planning relationships also offer regular touch points along the way.

Create revenue streams

Advisory services produce steady revenue year over year, often literally for a lifetime.

Robots can do amazing things, if smart people build them.

Any “robo-advisor” can balance a portfolio. But taking the guesswork out of planning for retirement is a whole different skill set. GuidedChoice makes your offering stand out by answering the Big Questions.

How much should I save?

Most investment tools just gloss over this one. Or say “as much as you can.” We help clients set a specific, realistic retirement goal based on sophisticated modeling – and work backward from there to build a savings plan.

How should I invest my money?

QuickAdvice doesn't consider all your financial details, and it doesn’t offer ongoing management. What it does provide is speedy access to professional advice, at a price that's pretty compelling.

How much can I safely spend?

Ordinary people are asking this one – sometimes urgently – all the time. Ordinary advice tools don’t have a clue. We have a whole product.

More money. Less risk. 
Any questions?



  • The retirement experts’ experts

    For you hardcore advisory types, we also provide a range of investment services behind the scenes. Take advantage of our expertise and technology for:
    • Core/Sub-advisory services
    • Asset allocation
    • Fund selection
    • Investment policies
    • Managed accounts

  • Who wants to be a fiduciary? Show of hands?

    Fiduciary changes are in the air these days, and financial advisors are running scared. Our company was born and raised as a retirement plan co-fiduciary. We eat ERISA bulletins for breakfast. Our independent, third-party advice meets any definition of prudence, and we stand behind it.

  • Free. Zip. Nada.

    Adding GuidedChoice to your offerings doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. It's easy to give your customers access to real answers that make a difference in their lives, at lower prices than you'd expect. Plus revenue-sharing options are available.

Let’s help some people.

Ready to talk details? We’re ready to make GuidedChoice part of your product offering. So we can both get started helping your customers achieve more in their retirement journeys.

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