Guess what? You can have it all.

When you retire, you need to turn the money you've saved into a steady, safe retirement income. You want to make the most of every penny. And you deserve an easy way to make it happen. Most financial advice – online or in-person – can’t do better than two of three. GuidedSpending is different.

See for yourself

Affordable financial advisor

Admit it: you’ve always wanted a financial advisor to send you a check each month. But unless you have enough money to get his attention, good luck.

Retirement paycheck

GuidedSpending turns your retirement savings into a consistent, reliable retirement paycheck.

Quick and easy

We’ll make it quick and easy. There’s no need to hand over your accounts, or even your passwords.

Retirement in balance

Retirement is all about spending what you want now, while investing enough to keep your income going strong for as long as you do. The trick is finding the balance.

Safe spending

It’s the nightmare scenario: one day you wake up and realize you’re running out of money. You can just hope for the best. Or you can let GuidedSpending tell you exactly what’s safe to spend each month – for a long, long retirement.

Financial enlightenment

Living like a Buddhist monk is one way to play it safe. But unless plain rice and quiet reflection are your thing, it won’t be much fun. The other way is to let GuidedSpending reveal your true financial path. Then get on with enjoying all you’ve saved, and everything life offers.

All about you

If you think most investment help is too impersonal, just wait until you actually retire. Typical “advice” about retirement income is very generic. Ours is totally personal.

Forget the numbers

Ever heard of the “4% rule?” How about the “60/40 portfolio?” Most advisors still use rules-of-thumb like these to calculate retirement income. Seriously? Instead of grade-school arithmetic, we use powerful analytics and modeling we’ve built specifically for projecting income. The only number we’ll show you is the dollar amount you can safely spend each month.

All things considered

Life might get simpler in retirement. We bet your finances won’t. So we look at all the money that makes up your retirement income: 401(k), IRAs, and other accounts. Pensions. Social Security. Two of everything if you’re married. And if you want to lock in extra security, we’ll help you decide if an annuity makes sense for you, too.

Spending, step by step.

  • 1

    How much

    First, we’ll tell you exactly how much you can safely spend each month.

  • 2


    You’ll see what combination of investment accounts, pension payments, and other funds go into your grand total.

  • 3

    When and how

    Timing is everything, so we’ll optimize your withdrawals to maximize your earnings and save on taxes.

  • 4

    Social Security

    Finally, we’ll take the guesswork out of choosing when to make this benefit part of your income mix.

OK, how much?

  • $299Annual fee
    • Personalized Spending Guide

    • Investment advice with a tax efficient withdrawal strategy
    • Clear next steps, including when to take Social Security
    • Live help available

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