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Financial advice for your future

  • GuidedChoice is an independent advisory firm focused on helping people retire. How? Optimizing portfolios, choosing realistic goals, and making practical plans to meet them. And showing how to spend the money wisely over time so you can enjoy it, without running out.
  • The original “Robo-Advisor.” We automate a lot of things that human financial advisors used to do by hand, sure. We’ll put our algorithms up against anyone’s, and we’ve built award-winning methodologies they can’t touch.
  • We’re also the experience, the hands, the minds, and the heart behind the technology. 


The number of years we’ve been helping people retire. Not cumulatively, or in our careers but together as GuidedChoice.

Independent and objective

  • We help people make the most of their money. We don’t have any investments to sell you and we don’t sell anyone else’s, either. We don’t even touch the actual money.
  • We’re also an independent company, privately held and managed by a long-term leadership team. That way we don’t have to answer to anyone else. Which is good, because we’re rather independent in spirit, too.


The billions of dollars in assets our clients have trusted us to manage.

Fifteen years young

  • Way back in 1999, when the Internet was still taking baby steps, our CEO Sherrie had an epiphany. What if someone could take the investment tools used by virtually every big company – MPT, Monte Carlo simulations, and all that – and put them to work for ordinary people?
  • Back then it was a pretty radical idea. We were the first to make it work, starting inside the closed ecosystem of 401(k) plans, then expanding into the wider world. More than a decade later we’re still going strong. And because most people still don’t have personalized, affordable advice they can trust, we have a lot more success ahead of us.


The number of parent companies, equity funds, or “strategic partners” who tell us what to do.

Meet our team

Sherrie E. Grabot

Chief Executive Officer

Before founding GuidedChoice, Sherrie developed some of the earliest technology systems for 401(k) plans at Apple, T. Rowe Price, and Trust Company of the West. With experience as both a former plan sponsor and plan provider, she has a strong understanding of what participants and retirement plans require to succeed, and continues to serve as a leader in the evolution of the 401(k).

Harry Markowitz, Ph.D.

Chief Architect

A Nobel laureate for Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. Markowitz designed the backbone software analytics for the GuidedChoice investment solutions, heads our Investment Committee, and serves as our key advisor. In 1989 he was awarded the prestigious Von Neumann Prize in Operations Research Theory, and has been named ``Man of the Century`` by Pensions & Investments magazine for his life's work in the field of investments.

Ming Yee Wang

Chief Investment Officer

Ming oversees development of investment strategies and software, analyzes and manages portfolio performance, and serves on our Investment Committee. Prior to joining GuidedChoice he served in leadership and analytical roles at Investment Research Company (IRC) and TIAA-CREF Investment Management, Inc.

Ganlin Xu, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Ganlin leads a team of finance, economics, and mathematics experts to develop our financial methodology, software, and systems. He came to GuidedChoice from Daiwa Securities Trust Company, a brokerage firm, where he conceived and developed quantitative investment models and tools including a quantitative equity portfolio selection system that has been used worldwide.

Louis VanZijl

Chief Operating Officer

Louis is a key member of the executive team, involved in strategic management initiatives as well as leading day-to-day operations. He is responsible for driving the company to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, and business objectives. Before joining GuidedChoice, Louis developed and implemented many Salesforce, ERP and financial and management reporting solutions, and spearheaded SOX compliance efforts as an early adopter. He is a former PwC advisory consultant and Director of Corporate Finance with Exar.

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